Growing bonsai trees

If you are an avid homemaker, growing bonsai trees may have crossed your mind already. Bonsai trees can be beautiful ornaments and eye turners that can easily catch the attention of anyone. The art of growing of growing bonsai has been going on for thousand and thousands of years now. though the minimalistic aura of bonsai trees are usually associated with the Japanese culture, growing bonsai actually originated in China.

If you are leaning towards starting your new hobby of growing bonsai trees, here are some simple, step by step instructions on how to grow bonsai trees.

Choosing the Right Bonsai

Before you proceed in planting your bonsai tree, you must carefully contemplate on which species and variety of bonsai you would want to grow. While you are deciding on which kind to grow, you may need to take into consideration the following factors:

  • Climate – you need to look for a variety that can thrive in the climate where you are planning yo grow it. See the “Growing environment” section in this Wikipedia article
  • Location – ask yourself where are you planning to place the tree, indoor or outdoor? Some bonsai species are very intolerant about the amount of sunlight that they are getting
  • Size – bonsais can grow from 6 inches to 3 feet tall. Thus, you may need to check the space where you are planning to place it